Star wars battlefront ii

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Star wars battlefront ii

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Star Wars Battlefront is worth a look just to soak up the presentation and be nostalgic for a few hours, but it won’t hold your interest for much longer than that.

It is a high-selling Star Wars video game following the many adventures of several characters.

Closing thoughts All said and done, Star Wars Battlefront II is a huge missed opportunity.

The basics of focused storytelling are being woefully neglected. Overall, Battlefront II has fixed many of the problems that Battlefront had, while creating more of its own. While these crates can be purchased with in-game credits, they can also be purchased with a premium currency that costs real money.

Star wars battlefront ii pc

Instead of reloading bullets, the game is mostly based on an overheating and cooling mechanic for controlling how much you can shoot at one time.

star wars battlefront ii Blast is the entry-level deathmatch mode that will feel familiar almost as soon as you spawn on the map. This is a refurbished game so not an original but plays exactly like the original.

Star wars battlefront ii gameplay

star wars battlefront ii

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