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Gl_clear 0 dota 2

gl_clear 0 dota 2

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Lastly, MP4 would look better. All this and more in the latest edition of the Dota 2 podcast. Discussions: 19 Messages:Discussions 202 Messages Latest: Brewmaster Jungle Demonstration Fire Frog, Oct 4, 2017 Dota Modding Discuss anything mod’ed here. Thanks for all the support! Passive Toss (Tiny’s Arm) - Toss stuns target on impact for 2 seconds and deals 200 damage.

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It’s most effectively done during the first wave or two so that you can get a second level under your tower while the opponents have to split their xp.

We also talk about our current Meepo frustrations, the sad state of Ursi’s carry pool, and more before going on to play Tiny with Vengeful Spirit as a safelane combo!

Whereas Smite really digs into the lore behind their champions, League of Legends is considerably lacking in that aspect, though they have been improving.


Balance remains a constant battle as the game aims to make all heroes viable working with one another rather than self-completing in their array of abilities.

gl_clear 0 dota 2

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