Fifa 18 used ps4

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Fifa 18 used ps4

For more on FIFA 18 head on over to our FIFA 18 hub, where you’ll find info on all aspects of the game.

But this only puts me Gold 1 group, when all versions of game come out, I am won’t barely reach silver levels.

Sometimes it picks the offside guy, sometimes not.

EA Sports FIFA 16 will be heading your way in North America on 22nd of Sept, the 24th across Europe and on the 25th of Sept 2015 in the UK.

Fifa 18 used

fifa 18 used ps4 FIFA just looks very samey, predictable and unexciting. There you have it: two excellent football games with varying strengths and weaknesses. The big question for football fans who want the most realistic game around is simple: Should I go for FIFA 2018 or PES (Pro Evolution Soccer) 2018?

I complain, but another several hundred hours in FIFA 18 inevitably await. Features: Cheating in Player training by receiving always ‘A’ grade on training simulation.

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